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AIWorkerz specializes in augmenting recruitment, employee onboarding, employee training, employee retention and candidate sourcing, and more with Advanced AI technology. Our HR AI solution is tailored to mesh seamlessly with a human workforce, boosting productivity without replacing the personal touch. Included in our offering is a human HR Consultant allowing you to take advantage of AI without compromise.

AI Human Resources Assistant


At the moment, HR professionals are frequently tasked with the time-consuming job of going through hundreds, if not thousands, of job applications for a single position. This manual process can be overwhelming and inefficient, leading to delays in the hiring process.

AIWorkerz offers a solution to this problem by automating the review of job applications. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AIWorkerz can meticulously analyze resumes, evaluate qualifications, and determine how well candidates fit specific roles. This advanced technology ensures a more efficient and accurate selection process.

In addition to assessing qualifications, AIWorkerz can also rank applicants based on their potential value to the company. This ranking system helps HR departments focus their attention on the most promising candidates, ensuring that high-quality talent is not overlooked.

By utilizing AIWorkerz, companies can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in hiring, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic activities. This not only improves the efficiency of the recruitment process but also enhances the overall quality of hires.


Streamline the onboarding process by providing new hires with necessary information about company policies, job duties, and benefits. 

Create specific chat assistants that have been trained using the emails/chats of departing employees in order to assist new personnel.


AIWorkerz can automatically generate quizzes or tests based on a training course, evaluate employee responses, and provide immediate scoring.           

AIWorkerz can also be used to send the results directly to managers. This can significantly enable quicker decision-making for any necessary follow-up or additional training.


AIWorkerz can analyze job satisfaction, engagement levels, and personal factors to predict which employees might be at risk of leaving.

AIWorkerz can help foster greater employee satisfaction, thereby improving retention strategies and ultimately reducing turnover costs.


AIWorkerz software can automate the labor-intensive process of searching through job sites, social media, and other platforms to compile a list of potential candidates, saving valuable time.

AIWorkerz can recognize necessary skill sets, ideal job titles, and other significant factors, enabling them to identify suitable candidates for specific roles more effectively.


AIWorkerz software can automate the labor-intensive process of searching through job sites, social media, and other platforms to compile a list of potential candidates, saving valuable time.

AIWorkerz can recognize necessary skill sets, ideal job titles, and other significant factors, enabling them to identify suitable candidates for specific roles more effectively.

HR Implementation Process

AIWorkerz takes care of everything:

Step 1

Book a Demo overview and Consultation:

We discuss your HR business needs and objectives to understand how we can customise our AI assistants to serve you best.

Step 2

Create a Specific Chatbox for a Role

We begin by defining the tasks and processes for which you want to create a ‘Human Resources Assistant‘.

Step 3

Training the AIWorker for the HR Role

After receiving your order, our experts train the HR AI chatbots with your corporate documents, URLs and text that are relevant to the HR role. This might include policies & procedure manuals, compliance information, Q&A for automated Job Interviews, or industry-specific articles.

Step 4

Setting Up the Chatbox for the Role

We seamlessly integrate AIWorkerz with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition. We define Keyword Triggers, Corporate Data Integration, Actionable Responses such as “trigger a call to a human HR person for complex queries”, “update external systems with relevant data using APIs or databases” and more.

Step 5


We launch AIWorkerz, and you’ll witness your customized HR AI chatbots transform your Human Resources Department’s  efforts effortlessly.

HR Solution Features

Mailbox For Resumes

Resumes sent to a mailbox are read automatically.

Compare Job Suitability

Resume compared against job requirements for suitability.

Interview Questions

Preset interview questions per job requirement.

Rank Interview Answers

Able to assess candidate responses to questions as asked via AI chat.

Auto Select Best Candidates

Assess best candidate for job based on resume and questions.

Human Intervention

Keyword based filtering allows for human intervention during interview.

Knowledge Transfer

Build custom agents with knowledge from departing workers.

Role Specific Interviewers

Assistants specialised in interviewing for specific roles.

Policies & Procedures

Upload HR documents to encourage self-service using chat.

Analyse Training Responses

Employee training and feedback related to workplace training.

Feedback Analysis

Analyse employee feedback to improve retention using sentiment analysis.

Candidate Identification

Source new employees using automated best resume fit for job.

Generic Product Features

Secure and Scalable

AIWorkerz runs on Microsoft Azure infrastructure thereby ensuring security, and uptime.

Trigger Actions

Identify keywords within a request/response in order to trigger external actions.


Check for banned words or specific keywords both in the request and response.

Embedded Links

Convert keywords in the AI response to clickable links to external urls.

Keyword Detection

Store a repository of keywords and trigger various actions based on a match occurring.

Human Intervention

Call a human operator using SMS/Email to join a chat based on a keyword match.

Fine Tuning

Upload thousands of custom prompts to train the role specific AI chatbox before going live.

Chat History

Retain all chat conversations for future reference.

Business Data

Integrate with internal corporate product/sales data and append to the response.

Document Upload

Train the AI using specific documents that contain more complex information than fine tuning.


Our implementation team can develop custom code to export data from corporate systems.

AI Providers

Currently AIWorkerz is integrated with Open AI. Soon to be released will be Azure Open AI and Gemini integration.

Meet The Team


Founder & CEO


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AWS Senior Java Developer


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Quality Assurance Tester

What can you expect from us?

Customised AI Solutions

AIWorkerz provides tailored AI HR chatbots and solutions designed specifically for your business needs and brand, ensuring a perfect fit for your company and it’s objectives.

Streamlined Operations

Expect increased operational efficiency in conjunction with reduced costs as AIWorkerz handles routine processes like recruitment, onboarding, training, sourcing etc.

Personalised Customer Experiences

AIWorkerz delivers personalised interactions due to it’s AI-Human approach, providing consistent  experiences.


Unlimited Recruitment Agents
$ 500 Monthly
  • 50k messages per month
  • 50MB tuning data per month
  • Human HR Consultant


Unlimited Recruitment Agents
$ 1000 Monthly
  • 150k messages per month
  • 150MB tuning data per month
  • Human HR Consultant

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