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AIWorkerz specializes in augmenting job functions within the Sales, HR, Finance and Customer Service Departments, and more with Advanced AI technology. Our AI solutions are tailored to mesh seamlessly with your human workforce, boosting productivity without replacing the personal touch. With each solution we provide a managed service thereby including a consultant specialising in that business function.

Sell More

AIWorkerz supercharges your sales efforts. Our AI-powered assistants handle initial customer inquiries, provide product information, and guide prospects seamlessly through your sales funnel. By integrating your unique sales data, we even offer personalised product recommendations and special deals, ensuring your sales increase.

Serve Better

Customer support is all about satisfaction. AIWorkerz acts as your first point of contact, efficiently handling common queries, troubleshooting, and delivereing solutions using your support data. When things get tricky, our system seamlessly transaitions to human support, ensuring customers always receive top-notch service.

Hire Brighter

Tired of drowning in CVs? AIWorkerz simplifies your recruitment process. It scans CVs, ranks candidates based on job requirements, and initiates initial communication, freeing uo your HR team. You’ll be presented with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates, saving time and ensuring you hire the best talent. Learn more…

Process Smarter

AIWorkerz transforms your invoice processing to a smart AI enabled process. Our integration with Microsoft Document Intelligence allows us to extract invoice data rapidly, accurately and affordably. 

NLP based rules are then applied for compliance, approval and review. The use of this approach allows for rules to be written in English by anyone with knowledge of your process, no programming required. 

Our managed service includes building a custom AI chatbot using your data. An AIWorkerz AP consultant  provides a fully outsourced managed service.

Implementation Process

AIWorkerz takes care of everything:

Step 1

Book a Demo overview and Consultation:

We discuss your business needs and objectives to understand how we can customise our AI assistants to serve you best.

Step 2

Create a Specific AI Process for a Role

We begin by defining the role for which you want to create an assistant, like a ‘HR Assistant’ or an ‘Accounts Payable Assistant’.

Step 3

Training the AIWorker for the Role

After receiving your order, our experts train the AI system with your corporate documents, URLs and text that are relevant to the role. This might include procedure manuals, FAQs, invoices or industry-specific articles.

Step 4

Setting Up the AI Process for the Role

We seamlessly integrate AIWorkerz with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition. We define Keyword Triggers, Corporate Data Integration, Actionable Responses such as “trigger a call to a human sales person for complex queries”, “update external systems with relevant data using APIs or databases” and more.

Step 5


Our Consultant assigned to your company will launch your AIWorkerz, and you’ll witness your customized AI processes transform your Sales, HR, Finance and Customer Service  efforts effortlessly using our managed service.

Meet The Team


Founder & CEO


Azure .Net Lead Developer


Azure .Net Senior Developer


Azure .Net Senior Developer


AWS Senior Java Developer


AWS Senior Java Developer


Azure .Net Lead Developer


Quality Assurance Tester

Product Features

Secure and Scalable

AIWorkerz runs on Microsoft Azure infrastructure thereby ensuring security, and uptime.

Trigger Actions

Identify keywords within a request/response in order to trigger external actions.


Check for banned words or specific keywords both in the request and response.

Embedded Links

Convert keywords in the AI response to clickable links to external urls.

Keyword Detection

Store a repository of keywords and trigger various actions based on a match occurring.

Human Intervention

Call a human operator using SMS/Email to join a chat based on a keyword match.

Fine Tuning

Upload thousands of custom prompts to train the role specific AI chatbox before going live.

Chat History

Retain all chat conversations for future reference.

Business Data

Integrate with internal corporate product/sales data and append to the response.

Document Upload

Train the AI using specific documents that contain more complex information than fine tuning.


Our implementation team can develop custom code to export data from corporate systems for AIWorkerz to upload to the AI on a regular basis.

AI Providers

Currently AIWorkerz is integrated with Open AI. Soon to be released will be Azure Open AI and Gemini integration.

What can you expect from us?

Customised AI Solutions

AIWorkerz provides tailored AI processes and solutions designed specifically for your business needs and brand, ensuring a perfect fit for your industry and objectives.

Streamlined Operations

Expect increased operational efficiency as AIWorkerz handles routine leading to improved engagement that can be measured in terms of bookings, interviews, signups etc.

Personalised Customer Experiences

AIWorkerz delivers personalised interactions due to it’s Managed AI-Human approach, providing consistent  experiences. Your AI knowledge base is built specifically using your data.

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